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Toe & Heel Procedure for PVC Door

Toe & Heel Procedure for PVC Window

It is important for every sash to be fitted in this way to prevent future problems, even if it does not catch! It is also recommended that silicone is used to secure the packers in place to safeguard against movement during use.

On side hung windows and tilt and turn windows, follow the same procedure as PVC doors.

As all doors supplied have been factory fitted, there should be no need for lateral adjustment. However, if there is call for such fine tuning, this information in these two PDF documents will become necessary.

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Every locking point must have packers set behind it on both sides of the D.G.U.


All packers must be fixed using silicone


When the distance between corner packers exceeds 800mm then an additional packer must be used in the centre. On spaces of a greater width, extra packers must be fixed at 800mm centres or equally to support the additional weight.


Bridge packers must be used at the bottom of all frames ensuring that drainage is never blocked.

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Door Hinge Adjustment Documents

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